Natural Whitening Essence Soap

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    Contain natural plant essence, it is mild, external cleaning, thick black legs, and buttocks. 

    Improving the phenomenon of private parts, pink skin, firming privates, maintaining the privacy of full, soft condition.

    high quality

    Capacity: 50g/pc

    Shelf life: 3 Years


    100% Pure Natural Plant Soap

    Main ingredients
    seaweed extract, arbutin, papain, amino acid, hyaluronic acid, propolis extract, vitamin E etc.

    The nipple, areola, armpits, legs, buttocks, genitals and other natural ingredients by absorption activation, it contains a wealth of inhibit melanin enzyme and it can block the formation of melanin and it can improve the black situation of hip and other parts quickly.

    How to Use

    1. Clean your hands and moist the parts of the body with warm water.

    2. Take out the Natural Whitening Essence Soap.

    3. Rub the soap on foaming net to produce a rich lather.

    4. And the apply to areola, nipples, armpit, and other, gently massage for 2-3 minutes.

    5. Finally, rising off it with warm water

    6. You need to adhere to use of 2-4 pieces of soap, will have a whitening effect

    Note: do not use soap or crystal wash directly immersed in water after using the crystal placed in a dry place. 



    28 Days witnessed whitening miracle ...

    - Use the first one day, you will feel a sense of unprecedented clean

    - Use the first 10 days, deeply remove dirt places, and promote skin metabolism 

    - Using the first 20 days, the skin smooth and supple, and some melanoma face

    - Use the first 28 days, the skin moist and elastic showing white matte finh

    - Continue to use, increasingly perfect, continuous beautiful


    Package includes:
    1 x Natural Active Enzyme Crystal Soap

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