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Day & Night Eye Cream

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Day - Purple Rose of essential oils combined with the 3D chain pulling elastic egg- white,
activate the skin and tough- elastic fiber, tightening the eye muscles skin,
smooth dry lines and fine lines at the same time dilute the crow's feet,
so your skin of the eye is always- blooming young glory- of the elasticity of youth.
Night - Purple Rose Purple Rose of essential oils combined with the small polypeptide protein,
deeply nurse the skin of the eye enhance the absorption rate,
repair and nourishment, take away crow's feet, showing fine, smooth and compact skin of eye.

Net Content: 20g(10g x 2).
Shelf Life: 2 years.
Main Ingredients: water, glycerin, Juyi methyl siloxane, two sodium EDTA,
methylparaben, propyl hydroxybenzoate, rose essential oil etc.
Applicable people: Women. Any skin type

Usage: Apply to the ring finger, two fingers rub several times for the eye essence heating,
then spread evenly on face under the eyes and eye skin,
finally to play the piano with finger tap eye 3 laps,until completely absorbed.
1. Stored in a dry, dark place;
2. Avoid contact with the wound;
3. Any adverse reactions, stop using.
Package Included:1 bottle Eye Cream
Warm Prompt:
Before use,it is suggested that smear behind the ear skin to make a test,beacause the different of everyone's skin characteristics.If have any discomfort or abnormal reflect,it is suggested that stop using or consult a doctor.
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