Keeping Fresh Herbs Tips

A simple and very interesting cooking trick. Do you want to improve the conservation of aromatic herbs? With these indications, you will keep them fresh for up to three weeks.
A very frequent problem, how to keep aromatic herbs fresh? If you do not take into account some important aspects, they will last you in good condition for a few hours or at most a few days.

With the trick that we show you today, you can extend the life of parsley or coriander up to 3 weeks, it is very simple and it works. It is also perfect for preserving basil or coriander but they are much more delicate aromatic plants with a shorter shelf life.

Keep fresh herbs in the fridge
Step 1: Cleaning
It is necessary to remove any small bugs that the aromatic plants may have, if you have bought them in a supermarket the normal thing is that they come quite clean but it is convenient to check all the leaves:

If they do not have small dots - possibly aphids - or other insects, simply dry them very carefully with absorbent paper. Do not tuck them under the tap and remove only the longest stems leaving the rest to increase conservation (look at the image above, we have left almost all the stems).
Clean them well with water if they have aphids, mosquitoes or other insects, if you leave any of those aphids you may end up with the invaded tupper after a few days. Dry them very well but without crushing them.


Step 2: Prepare an airtight tupper

Choose a wide and covered tupper, much better if it is made of glass, place two or three layers of absorbent paper at the bottom. We don't want moisture in the container, the paper will prevent the leaves from wilting prematurely.

Step 3: Direct to the fridge
Close the tupper and put it in the middle or high part of the fridge, it will keep it in good condition there. Keep in mind that if you buy musty parsley it will not revive in the fridge, its conservation will be relatively short 😉
If you want to improve the conservation, change the absorbent paper when you see that it has become wet, due to condensation it is recommended to renew it every 3 or 4 days, drying the lid and the walls of the container well.

When you need them, clean them well by removing any dust or dirt.

A very simple and effective cooking trick to preserve fresh herbs for much longer, put it into practice and tell us!

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