Waxing and Shaving TIPS: The Facts vs Fiction

Shaving your body and facial hair
will make the hair grow back thicker and darker and faster?

Imagine this: Take a stainless steel item, a sharp one at that, now glide the item over your skin, let's just use your forearm. Think about the fact that your hairs' roots are approximately 4 fairly serious layers lower than the surface of the skin. Now, think about this...how does any object, sharp or blunt have the ability when glided over the surface of the skin, to affect the pigment, thickness and stimulate hair growth? It can't, scientifically, it just can't. Sometimes people want this to happen, I've known clients who have little or sparse eyebrows and have toyed with the idea of shaving them off so they would grow back thicker, but it won't work! The main reason for hair changing its depth of pigment and thickness in certain areas of the body, is down to hormonal changes (puberty, age, menopause, PCOS), your DNA and in some cases, medication.

About pigment, thickness and growth in relation to shaving: When shaving, the blade cuts a sharp edge, this is often at the hairs thickest point of the shaft, not only does this create a 'thick feeling' it also appears darker. In terms of hair growth, your body, facial and scalp hair is continuously growing, shaving only trims the hair and in no way prohibits or stimulates its growth. One should note though, when waxing your arms or legs continuously, the actual direction of the follicle changes from the pulling in the opposite direction to the natural grain of the hair. This can result in a fluffier than normal regrowth – however – not darker or thicker because of it.


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