Top 3 Reasons To Continue Waxing, Epilator or Shave In Winter

Many people feel that waxing is only necessary during the summer months.

They figure that bathing suit season is the only time to wax, epilator or shave because during the cold winter months their body is not as visible to others.

Actually, those who wax in the warmer months should not stop when the weather turns cold. Furthermore, those who have not yet tried waxing are actually better off by starting now. There are many benefits to year-round waxing. We highly encourage this practice, and to avoid being a fair-weather ‘waxer’.

To help illustrate these advantages, we have compiled the top 3 reasons to continue waxing in winter.


Reason 1: The Stages of Hair Growth

The primary goal most people have for waxing is to eliminate or substantially reduce hair growth in certain areas of the body. By waxing only in the warmer months, it is interrupting the progress of hair removal through waxing. The reason for this is that our hair grows in three stages. Our hair either is growing, lies dormant, or is falling out on its own. Also, depending on the length of your hairs, and whether they are exposed, near the surface of the skin, or far beneath the surface, it may take several treatments to obtain the results you want. By continuing to wax in the winter, you are giving yourself a chance to take care of those stubborn hairs before summer returns.



Reason 2: Healthier Skin

In the winter, the cold, dry, and heated air bombards our skin and cause dryness, flaking and tightening. When you wax, it provides your damaged skin with many benefits. First, it exfoliates dead skin. It also encourages new skin growth at the cellular level. Finally, it increases blood circulation to the surface of the skin. These benefits combine to help soften and moisturize your skin and eliminate the itchiness, leaving your skin healthy and beautiful.




Reason 3: You Feel Better

When you wax or epilator or shave, and you can enjoy the sexy-smooth skin free from unwanted stubble, you just feel better. It gives you more self-confidence. It makes you feel more comfortable. There is no reason to deprive yourself of this when you are more covered up. Enjoy feeling good all year and keep up your routine.


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