Jacket Leather. 5 non-traditional colors. How to use them?

This outerwear piece gives its wearer an edgy appearance. Today’s fashion offers lots of great styles. You can find a leather jacket in different lengths, details, and colors. In my opinion, black, brown are the most common colors to choose, but you can give a try to other colors, like white, gray, pink, yellow, green, orange, red, etc. Speaking of fits, then it depends on your own individual style, it can be either cropped, classic waist-length or long and oversized. The details can vary, it can be classic and clean, either edgy with patches, spikes, and studs, fringes, and tassels. There are nice versions with hoods, fur embellishments, and other details. I’ll tell you about my favorite designs onwards.
1* How to style brown leather jacket
A brown leather jacket is something little different than a classic black look. This color can look awesome with casual separates, as well as with formal basics. Brown leather jacket ideally matches casual outfits. You can team it with a white tee, or gray pullover, skinny dark blue jeans or a pencil skirt in black. For a smart chic look, you can go for a more formal style with some stylish twists. Try it with a cute LBD and classy pumps, burgundy or violet jumpsuit with wide-leg pants. It looks cool with all-black outfits, with striped tops, white mini dresses, plaid scarves, and long sweaters.
2* How to style pink and light pink leather jacket
A lovely pink and light pink colors might sound very girlish, but when you see pink color leather jacket your brain hangs upside down and nothing can help you to understand why pink is seen on the edgy moto jacket. The styling of a pink jacket is not difficult at all. The pink jacket looks great with cuffed skinny jeans in washed blue and white blouse completed with a sexy pair of silver metallic pumps, you can go for a total white look and complete it with a nice blush jacket, or make some fun with a shearling pink leather jacket, black tights, black mini leather skirt, and white sweater, or go for blue colored basics under your favorite cropped jacket in pink color. Yes, you can have fun with a printed dress by teaming it with an edgy biker-inspired pink jacket. There are dozens of other cool outfit ideas with the pink jacket, but I think we should go further and see other cool colored jackets to try this year.
3* How to style a gray leather jacket
Gray color varies in cool shades, it can be either charcoal, dark gray, or light and pastel gray. I love to see women who keep things simple and go for the same color palette, by wearing a gray jacket with the same hue sweater and jeans. An all-black outfit and a gray jacket is another awesome look, complete it with some fresh colored shoes that can be colored in blue, red, orange, green or yellow. The gray color is neutral by itself, that’s why you can easily experiment with neutrals or bright hues. I love to see ladies wearing classy fit gray leather jackets with striped tops and simple slim-fit light blue jeans. Gray ideally matches blush top and white skinny jeans, it’s a must-try look! If you want to try a gray jacket for work, then the best way is to team it with a crisp white blouse and gray skinnies.
4* How to style a yellow leather jacket
That’s what I call bright and cheering leather jacket. If you are into something cool and fresh, then you definitely should give a try to a yellow leather jacket. It looks perfect with LBDs, blue jeans, striped tees and chokers, white blouses and classy jeans with white pumps, with slogan tees and ripped shorts in black color completed with cool red kicks, yellow goes with black and white outfits, for an office day look I recommend to style yellow leather jacket with a black shirt and slim blue jeans updated with blush pumps. Colored leather is popular nowadays.
5* How to style a green leather jacket
This color is not so popular for leather jackets, but I’ve seen many ladies lately wearing them at parties and on the streets. Frankly speaking, it looks chic. There are different hues of green, it can be emerald, bright green, pastel green or even turquoise. I’d personally recommend to try the green leather jacket with a long black slip dress or make everyone stare at you, as you pair green with a yellow jumpsuit or white frock. There are neutral outfit ideas, such as pairing the green jacket with all-black look. Everything depends on your self-confidence and style. If you do like risks, then I highly recommend to try some bright colors and use them for your next street walk in the town.

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